Sparc is the new virtual e-sport from the creators of EVE Online

If you haven’t heard, e-sports are some of the hottest new things since sliced bread. The games attract millions of viewers every day on content streaming sites like Twitch, and the tournaments can pull in prize pools of over $20 million at a time. The style of competition has been around almost since the inception of video games, but has only recently grown to such a scale that players can make it their sole source of income, largely due to the monetization and crowd-sourcing capabilities of the internet. Now, with the oncoming of virtual reality as the next big platform, developers are looking to create e-sport titles centered around virtual gameplay, and the creators of EVE Online are looking to spearhead the industry with the new game Sparc.

The game is a lot like virtual tennis, throwing players into an arena with a racket and shield as their methods of input, and requiring them to dash around the room to send the ball back towards the opponent. It appears to require quite a bit of movement, so if you want to get really into the game you’ll probably need a room that allows for the Vive’s full range of motion.

There are multiple different game modes that users will have the opportunity to play and master, and they can also take time to play against AI in the practice area to hone their skills before matching against others online.

We’ve seen a couple of other titles such as The Unspoken built around player-vs-player gameplay, but this is really one of the first games that makes it so apparent that they are looking for players to become professional and make their way up the ranks. You can register now to get in on the beta, and follow the title on social media to get all the updates leading up to full release.


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