Spider-man: Homecoming VR experience coming to your friendly neighborhood headsets

We know – here comes another Spider-man movie. These superhero films just don’t seem to stop, right? Regardless, they are fun and this one happens to be a little more exciting. First, because it is being made in collaboration with Disney’s Marvel, but also because there is a VR experience coming to all major headsets.

The Spider-man: Homecoming VR experience is scheduled to come to the PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Oculus Rift this June 30th. Don’t have one of these? We understand – virtual reality headsets aren’t exactly cheap. If you still can’t justify spending hundreds on one of these, you can also enjoy the experience in “select theaters”.

Those looking forward to the movie can get a little more excited by taking on the powers of Spider-man and seeing what it’s like to rock his high-tech suit. You are tasked with putting the suit on, throwing stuff around using your web and swinging around places. You will also enjoy the silly nature of the young arachnid. All the fun parts of being Spider-man, right?

Either way, the experience is coming at the end of the month, so get VR ready!


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