‘Sprint Vector’ is the new title from the developer of ‘Raw Data’

Raw Data has long been known as one of the highest quality games available for virtual reality headsets, bringing flashy graphics and intense gameplay to units like the HTC Vive. The team has been hard at work since the release of the original title it seems, both updating Raw Data and apparently working on a new game altogether, aptly called Sprint Vector.

The team notes that Sprint Vector is in a league completely of its own, and delivers an experience wholly different from its previous release. In this same vein, they have attempted to do something that no other developer thought was possible in virtual reality – fluid locomotion.

A Survios representative says that by using your arms to pull you through the air at blistering speeds, the game can avoid the motion sickness issue that other developers work so hard to mitigate. This sickness usually occurs due to the body not physically feeling what your eyes are seeing, so the act of using your arms to shoot you through space can apparently solve this issue to a pretty high extent.

The game essentially acts as a racing title, putting you in the place of a character running at speeds up up to 300 miles per hour. Servos says that none of their play testers thus far have reported any kind of motion sickness, so the future is looking pretty bright for the game’s release.

We still have no idea when Sprint Vector will actually launch, but another title from such a great developer is always exciting.

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