Star Trek Bridge Crew for HTC Vive hands on @ CES 2017

Trekkie fans will have something sweet coming to them in March if they happen to own the HTC Vive, as the highly anticipated Star Trek Bridge Crew game from Ubisoft is set to finally arrive for the VR system. While already had the opportunity of playing the game cooperatively with other players during E3 2016, it’s only now at CES 2017 we’re finally getting the game in playable form for HTC’s VR system.

There’s really not a whole lot separating the game here for the Vive, besides the fact that you’re using the Vive’s motion controllers to interact in the game, which regrettably doesn’t feel as natural as the responses we got using the Oculus Touch controllers. When you’re already gripping the Vive controllers, it makes the act of trying to press buttons on the panels in front of us a bit tough – it’s just not natural as we said.

Despite that, our quick demo had us manning stations that coincide with the various roles on the deck of a starship – like engineering for example. Those who’ve always dreamed about being in a crew in the Star Trek universe will surely relish this experience. For the most part, it’s very similar to the Rift experience we checked out a while back, so there’s really not much different besides the controllers.

Obviously, if you’ve been itching to get this game, it’ll be coming to the Vive, alone with the Rift and PlayStation VR on March 14th. It’s still a while away, but it’ll be here in no time at all. Engage!

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