Star Wars: Battlefront flies onto PSVR December 6th


While we have seen an incredible outpour of developers creating new and exciting titles made for virtual reality platforms, there has also been a slew of creators hoping to bring some fame back to old classics. We have already seen Metroid: Prime working with the Vive via the Dolphin VR emulator, and even official titles like Serious Sam: VR and Doom: VR have their take on the classic franchises. Now, EA is looking to stake their claim on the VR industry with the introduction of Star Wars: Battlefront for PlayStation VR.

Based on the game with the same title released in November of last year, players will be able to jump into an X-Wing fighter with the ultimate goal of eliminating the Death Star. This new title is more of an experience than a full fledged game, so it will be free to anyone who already owns the original PlayStation 4 game. If you thought Star Wars: Battlefront had little more to offer than you have already experienced, you may just be in luck.

Yesterday was also the one year anniversary of the original title’s launch, so EA have decided to share more details about an upcoming map based on the new motion picture. Titled Rogue One: Scarif, the new downloadable content pack will introduce Jyn Erso and Orson Krennic from the new movie as playable heroes, and will feature a new multi-stage battle mode that includes both ground and space battles. The company recently released a similar Death Star content pack of the same caliber, so if that was something you were into, make sure to check out the new map.

X-Wing piloting is probably the best way for EA to introduce VR to the title, and we’re glad to finally see it come to light after being teased way back in March of this year. If you’ve been waiting for it since then, you won’t have to wait much longer, as the experience launches along with the new content pack on December 6th.

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