Star Wars Battlefront’s free X-Wing VR Mission is available now: here’s some footage


Star Wars: Battlefront’s X-Wing VR mission is available for download today. The new mission, which works exclusively with the PSVR, ties in with the plot of the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue One movie and allows players to take part in a dogfight while escorting one of the film’s main characters.

The single-player X-Wing VR mission, which arrives alongside the Battlefront Rogue One: Scarif DLC, is free to download for owners of Star Wars: Battlefront and a PSVR. It can be played through in around 20 minutes, though there are a number of optional goals players can go back to try andĀ achieve.

Check out some footage in this video where Criterion Games Art Director Kieran Crimmins discusses the project.

Meanwhile, the Scarif DLC, which includes four new maps and a new ‘Infiltration’ game mode, can be downloaded today for those who own a Battlefront Season Pass or the Ultimate Edition. Others will have to wait to purchase the DLC separately on December 20.

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