New multiplayer shooter “Starblood Arena” announced for PSVR

PSX has just recently kicked off, and we have already seen a plethora of new and exciting titles announced. While sequels such as The Last of Us: Part II were plentiful at the event, we were personally hoping to see some new and interesting games make their way to the new PlayStation VR headset. To our pleasure and surprise, Sony has announced a new multiplayer arena shooter title named “Starblood Arena”.

The game throws the player into a variety of different mech shooters, with a large amount of destructible objects to dodge and twist around. Each mech has different powers and play style, and a player will have to practice a particular machine in order to effectively master it. The game is geared towards playing locally with friends, but there is a PS PLUS online feature that will allow for online multiplayer co-op.

The title has apparently been in development for an entire year, and has 40 people working on the team. This is pretty surprising, especially considering this is a wholly new title with no previous hype to ride off of.

We have been waiting patiently for some competitive virtual reality titles, and we are hopeful that this might be it. The game seems to have a decently high skill cap, and we’re sure that it will only become more refined as development goes on.

Are you interested in a title like this? I’m hoping to get a chance to try this out, as I absolutely love competitive video games.

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