SteamVR Home users can now collect virtual collectible props and statues

If you own a SteamVR headset like the HTC Vive, you might know that Valve has recently added the open beta of its new Home feature in its platform. It’s basically a new launcher for people who access SteamVR-based games in the form of a virtual living room. It lets people customize their own room with a variety of different designs and settings. This week, SteamVR Home users can also begin to add even more to their virtual room with a series of collectible statues and props based on many SteamVR games.

The collectibles are added to your room based on if you own the games themselves, along with if you have put in a certain amount of playtime with those titles. So if you own and play a bunch of SteamVR games, you can expect more virtual tchotchkes to be available to decorate your space. The first wave includes 12 collectibles from games like Job Simulator, AirMech Command, Dota 2 and Serious Sam: The Last Hope.

Valve is promising this first wave will be just the beginning of a series of virtual trinkets that can be added to your own SteamVR Home space over the next few months. While it doesn’t exactly count as a huge new feature, it should be a lot of fun to see what types of collectibles users will be able to claim for their room.

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