Striker VR is building an physical gun asset for virtual shooting experiences

Virtual reality is taking gaming to the next level, immersing players in new worlds which can amaze, entertain, and inspire. While the first generation of controllers for the platform have been impressive already, there really isn’t a replacement for holding an asset which your virtual character is using themselves. Much like there is no true replacement for using your hands in a game, items like guns can also make or break the immersion of an experience. Fortunately, with the pace at which the technology is being developed, companies like Striker VR are popping up that are looking to make realistic assets to take immersion to the next level.

Striker VR’s Infinity V1 is an accessory capable of haptic feedback which can simulate a number of in-game weapons. The accessory has 3 modes that is can use, including single, burst, and auto fire modes, and is on track to support a large number of tracking systems. If the accessory is able to work with all of the current VR headset offerings, consumers won’t have to worry about purchasing a specific Oculus or Vive gun, and can have the freedom to use the gun with whichever solution they own. Assuming this is the case, it’s likely we will see a number of physical assets being developed in the future in order to simulate multiple different experiences.

While the company was initially developing the system in order to train people for military combat, they have announced an SDK which they are releasing to a number of partners by the end of the year. With this announcement, the company also hinted that a consumer version would not be far behind, meaning that they are likely sending the units to those like Valve and Oculus to make sure it works on their platforms before making a full public release.

Would real life game assets for VR be something you would be interested in? With Striker VR’s  gun hitting developers by year’s end, we could see quite a bit of these releasing in 2017.


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