Superhot hands on @ Oculus Connect 3

Super Hot originally launched on PC in 2013 as the result of the “7 Day FPS Challenge”. The game was extremely successful after the browser version came out, which led to the development of a standalone PC version which released in February of this year. Now, the team is bringing the title into the future with the imminent release of Oculus Touch.

The game functions much the same as the PC version, but is quite a bit more interactive. In the title, players have to aim, duck, and dodge to make their way through a variety of different challenges. Though we only played through a quick demo, the experience was one of the most fast-paced and interactive of the games we’ve tried here, and believe me, we tried a lot of games.


Players can work with any black-colored object they can find, meaning you can use vases, calculators, and even staplers as weapons against your red-colored enemies. Defeating oncoming challengers is also pretty unique, as shooting or punching them causes an explosion of body parts throughout the landscape, which is about as satisfying as you might think. There was one point where I turned around to see the arm of a previously defeated oncomer lying still on the floor.

If you want to play the game yourself, you’ll have to wait until sometime later this year. The team hasn’t released any official information about when the title will launch, but we’re expecting it to come out alongside the Touch controllers soon.


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