Superhot VR will make its HTC Vive debut on May 25

Superhot VR, one of the best games made for the Oculus Rift VR headset and its Oculus Touch controllers, is finally making its way to the HTC Vive. The first-person shooter with its time-themed gameplay twist will be released for the Vive, via Steam, on Thursday, May 25.

UploadVR reports that Superhot VR for the Vive will normally be priced at $24.99, but during its launch week that price will be discounted down to $19.99. If you already own the Superhot PC version of the game, you will get an additional discount when you buy the HTC Vive Superhot VR edition.

Just a reminder: all of the versions of Superhot center on the player shooting enemies, like in other FPS games. The twist is that when you move, time also moves, and when you slow down or stop moving, time slows and stops as well in the game world. This allows for some interesting gameplay situations where moving to try to avoid a bullet might not be the best idea. Superhot also uses a minimalist art style, with red low-polygon enemies to shoot in white level environments.

Superhot VR recently received a major content update, called Superhot Forever, which added over 20 hours of gameplay content, including new challenges, levels, time trials and more. The update will be included in the release of the game for the HTC Vive.

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