Tabletop simulator makes virtual dungeons and dragons a reality

Tabletop games are great. From classic 2 player titles like chess to group based role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons, there’s a table top experience that almost anyone can enjoy. The primary problem that seems to stand out from this genre, however, is that you have to be physically present in order to enjoy these group based experiences. With the introduction of virtual reality though, we can begin to break down the laws that used to restrict our everyday life.

The game works like a sandbox, giving you the freedom to do almost anything you want, and even offers full room scaling. This allows users to walk around the room and inspect the board from as many angles as they like, just as you can in regular reality. And while room scaling is pretty cool in itself, players can even toy with the scaling of assets, playing like ants on a gigantic chess board, Harry Potter style.

The title includes assets for many classic games like chess, along with extra human and monster assets for users looking to play roll playing games such as DnD. In this way, players have the option to play almost any game they could want, while also having the opportunity to just chill out together in the virtual room.

There are also a bunch of cool backdrops and flooring textures you can use, meaning you could potentially create the ultimate game cave for you and your friends to enjoy. If you’re a total nerd like me, you’ve probably got some fond memories from a particular room you used to play these games in as a kid. Having the opportunity to bring these memories to life is something that would make me immensely happy, and I’ll be sure to check out this title once I get myself a proper headset.

Would you be interested in a simulator like this? Being able to merge tabletop games and computer games is pretty darn sweet, and we’re excited to see how it evolves in the future. Get it now on Steam!

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