Augmented Reality
AR vs VR: what’s the difference?

Do you know your augmented reality from your virtual reality? In this post, we'll define AR vs VR and look at some other concepts like mixed reality and XR!

AR menus could change the way we order food

KabaQ could be about to transform the way we order food by utilizing augmented reality.

Gatwick using VR to help you find your way through the airport

Navigating an airport can be a daunting task but Gatwick airport in the UK are utilizing augmented reality to help passengers navigate to where they need to go.

Silver Lake invests $400 Million in Unity

For anyone who thought that Unity would be a big player in virtual reality then think again as it just got a $400 Million investment from Silver Lake.

Report: VR and AR headset shipments could approach 100 Million by 2021

A new report suggests that virtual and augmented reality headset shipments will rise up to 10x in the next 4 years, drastically changing public perception of ...

Apple CEO Tim Cook is more excited about AR than VR

In a recent interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated he is excited about the prospect of Augmented Reality for smartphones, and feels VR "closes the world out."

Use augmented reality to access real estate data of available homes

You can now use augmented reality to learn information about houses around you, and can snap photos of real estate signs to pull up the pages online.

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