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Best HTC Vive Accessories

Got yourself a brand new HTC Vive? That's only half the process. Now you need to get yourself some accessories to complete your VR experience.

Here’s what Leap Motion’s VR hand-tracking tech looks like

A new video shows how the recently revealed VR hand-tracking technology from Leap Motion looks like to the user of a headset.

Qualcomm reveals new VR headset and dev tools for Snapdragon 835 chip

Qualcomm has announced that developers will be able to access tools and a VR headset that will use its new Snapdragon 835 processor.

Leap Motion reveals hand-tracking tech for Samsung Gear VR and other headsets

Leap Motion has announced its new platform for adding hand-tracking technology to lower-end smartphone VR headsets, including the Samsung Gear VR.

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