Pico Interactive
Pico Neo 3 Link Standalone VR Headset Launches In Europe

Source: Pico Pico Interactive, Beijing-based VR headset manufacturer that was acquired by TikTok owner ByteDance in 2021, has announced a new standalone VR ...

ByteDance Confirmed to Acquire VR Headset Maker Pico

Source: Private Equity Insights Shortly after we wrote about the potential acquisition of Pico Interactive, a Chinese manufacturer of virtual reality ...

ByteDance May Acquire VR Headset Manufacturer Pico

Source: Pico Interactive It seems that Facebook isn’t the only social media giant that believes virtual reality will play an important role in how people ...

Pico Neo 3 Pro and Neo 3 Pro Eye Are Now Available for Pre-Order

Source: Pico Interactive After launching its consumer-only headset, the Neo 3, in China, Pico Interactive has just announced the launch of its enterprise ...

REACT Neuro and Pico Interactive Join Forces to Measure Brain Health

Source: REACT Neuro Brain health complications are not only devastating for those who experience them, but they also create a major financial burden on the ...

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