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Customers are still lining up for the PSVR in Japan

Sony Playstation VR is having trouble meeting demand, especially in Japanese markets. Retailers are passing out lottery tickets to give consumers an ...

“Disaster Report 4” makes its way to Playstation VR

Disaster Report 4 is finally coming to Playstation 4 and Playstation VR after many years of development.

New multiplayer shooter “Starblood Arena” announced for PSVR

Starblood Arena is a new multiplayer mech shooter that brings e-sports level play to the PSVR.

Star Wars Battlefront’s free X-Wing VR Mission is available now: here’s some footage

The Star Wars: Battlefront X-Wing VR mission, available exclusively for use with the PlayStation VR, is available for free download today.

Final Resident Evil 7 demo now on Playstation VR

The final update to the demo of Resident Evil 7 before its eventual release of January 24th is now available to play on the Playstation VR.

Play the Call of Duty Infinite Warfare PlayStation VR game right now for free

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Jackal Assault, a VR game for PlayStation 4 owners with the PlayStation VR headset, is available to play now for free.

OLED panel shortages could cause shipment issues for VR headset makers

A research analyst firm predicts that the current high demand for VR headsets could take a big hit due to shortages of OLED panels.

Sony PlayStation VR: Don’t miss (probably) your last chance to pre-order

It seems that Dell has managed to snag a batch of PSVR units and it’s holding a Doorbuster sale at 11 AM EST.

Sony shows off everything inside the PS VR core bundle box

With the Playstation VR only a few weeks away, Sony has given us an unboxing preview revealing the contents of the core bundle box.

PlayStation VR sets new sellout record at GameStop

During the latest pre-order event of the PlayStation VR at GameStop, the rate in which customers ordered it set a new record.

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