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The best way to play ‘Splatoon’ is with a hacked water gun

Researchers in Japan have been working to create a working Splatoon gun that can be used to play the game.

Farpoint and Playstation VR Aim hands on

At E3 2016 we had the opportunity to check out Farpoint and the unique PS VR Aim motion controller.

PlayStation VR demos begin at Best Buy and GameStop tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, you'll now be able to head to your local Best Buy and GameStop to demo the Playstation VR.

Here are some of the games that Sony will be showing for Playstation VR at E3 2016

Sony are expecting to bring some interesting announcements for virtual reality and the PSVR at E3 2016.

PSVR would have been terrible on the launch edition PS4

Reportedly the main reason for the PS4 Neo's upcoming launch is that the standard PS4 just doesn't have the oomph needed for the best possible experience.

6 Million Americans intend to purchase Playstation VR

A new report suggests that the Playstation VR will most popular with six million consumers intending to buy the headset.

Will the lack of content hamper the launch of VR?

Now the hardware is in the mainstream, attention turns to the software, but is the available VR content in the ecosystems up to spec?

PlayStation VR Launch Bundle and Core package pre-orders go on sale

Sony's launch bundle for the Playstation VR is now available, well, if you can still get your hands on it.

Star Wars Battlefront experience coming exclusively to Playstation VR

Sony's Playstation VR was finally announced yesterday at GDC and among the details that emerged about the headset was that a VR version of Star Wars ...

Sony admits Oculus Rift is technically better than PlayStation VR

HTC, Sony, Samsung, and Oculus are just a few names that have a product either released or soon to be released in the VR market and naturally the fight is on ...

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