LG and Valve to demo VR headset prototype this week at GDC

Valve will be showing a prototype of a VR headset made by LG this week as part of the 2017 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Only a small number of SteamVR apps have earned over $250,000

Valve has revealed that only 30 or so of the over 1,000 SteamVR-based games and apps released have earned over over $250,000.

Valve’s Gabe Newell loves VR, but realizes it could be a “complete failure”

Valve founder Gabe Newell is a big promoter of VR, but even he said he is "comfortable with the idea that it will turn out to be a complete failure."

Valve is currently working on three “full” VR games

Valve founder Gabe Newell confirmed that the game developer and creator of Steam VR is working on three "full" virtual reality games

Valve announces SteamVR Tracking developer kit

Valve have just announced that it will be licensing SteamVR tracking to third-party hardware makers royalty-free, meaning anyone can use the technology without ...

VR game The Lab is the highest rated on Steam

The Lab is developed by Valve and is the only VR title the company currently has to its name, but it's topping the Steam charts.

Valve announces Steam summer sale – VR titles included

If you've been waiting for the right moment to pick up your favorite VR title this year, now might be the perfect time.

One third of Valve’s employees are now working on VR

Valve employee Alan Yates explained that the company absolutely believes in the future of the technology, and thinks it has potential to be one of the most ...

Valve and Liongate to make films available in VR

Valve and Lionsgate have announced a partnership that will see hundreds of films made available through Steam.

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