Job posting reveals Amazon is creating a VR platform

by Dan Bartram March 9, 20160 comments

VR Summit to be held at London Games Festival next month

by Dan Bartram March 9, 20161 comments

XLR on HTC Vive is tower defense virtual reality at its best

by Dan Bartram March 10, 20160 comments

Epic Games to reveal brand new VR content at GDC 2016 

by Dan Bartram March 10, 20160 comments
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ZeniMax sues Samsung over its Oculus-based Gear VR mobile headset

ZemiMax, which was awarded $500 million in its lawsuit against Oculus earlier in 2017, is now suing Samsung over its Oculus-based Gear VR mobile headset.
by John CallahamMay 16, 2017

Oculus CTO John Carmack sues ZeniMax for $22.5 million

John Carmack is seeking $22.5 million from ZeniMax for outstanding debts from the sale of his company, id Software.
by David ImelMarch 10, 2017

ZeniMax files a court request to block Oculus from using its code

ZeniMax Media is taking Oculus to court again, this time to block the use of ZeniMax's code in products sold by Oculus, including its Rift VR headset.
by John CallahamFebruary 24, 2017

John Carmack speaks out against ZeniMax lawsuit

The ZeniMax / Oculus case has just recently came to a close, and John Carmack is not too happy about the result. Check out his Facebook post to see his full thoughts.
by David ImelFebruary 3, 2017

Jury awards ZeniMax $500 million in Oculus lawsuit

A Texas jury has ruled that Oculus will owe ZeniMax a cool $500 million in accordance with the recent lawsuit.
by David ImelFebruary 1, 2017

ZeniMax increases damages from Oculus to $4 Billion

ZeniMax has doubled the amount of money it is seeking from Oculus and Facebook to pay for accusations of software theft in development of the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.
by David ImelJanuary 27, 2017

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify this week in Oculus-ZeniMax trial

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is scheduled to testify this week in the ongoing trial between ZeniMax and Facebook's VR company Oculus.
by John CallahamJanuary 16, 2017
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