Take to the sky with Final Approach: Pilot Edition for the Oculus Rift


The developers of Final Approach have come up with a great way to overcome the lack of motion controllers on the Oculus Rift to enable players to fly the planes instead of guiding them.

Phaser Lock Interactive‘s Final Approach launched a few months ago in April for the HTC Vive but relied heavily on the room-scale technology and motion controller features of the HTC Vive. The reliance on the hardware capabilities meant that it was difficult for Oculus Rift owners to enjoy the same experience in Final Approach.

The developer recognised this and has released a new companion version that is bundled alongside the original game that allows you to play entirely without a motion controller.

Final Approach sees you put in charge of an airport to ensure that all aircraft land and takeoff safely. On the HTC Vive version, this was done by drawing a 3D path from the aircraft’s location to the landing strip. Obviously this wouldn’t be possible on the Oculus Rift. The new Pilot edition takes the concept into a more arcade direction where you take direct control of the aircraft. Those arcade elements include air-bound bonus missions and emergency activities like fire extinguishing and bird control that existed in the original game.

It’s great that Oculus Rift owners can now enjoy Final Approach while we wait for the Oculus Rift motion controllers that are due to appear later this year.

Final Approach: Pilot Edition is currently available for 25% off if bought through Oculus Home for Oculus Rift for a limited period. It’s also available on Steam too for $18.74 (discounted from $24.99) on both the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive platform.

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