Tekken 7 PlayStation VR features are shown off, but they look half-baked

In just over a month, Bandai Namco will release Tekken 7, the latest entry in the popular fighting game series. PlayStation 4 owners with the PlayStation VR headset will also get to check out a few exclusive virtual reality features in that game. However, a recently posted video that shows off those features makes it look like they are not quite up to speed.

In a YouTube video posted on the Shirrako channel, it shows a brief PSVR sequence from Tekken 7, as Devil Jin and Akuma fight in a training session. Based on the video, players who put on the PSVR headset will see the two characters fighting in a 360 degree arena. The arena itself is basically just a lot of empty space with a nighttime texture on the bottom and around it. Otherwise, it looks like players will just play the VR version of Tekken 7 as they would any other fighting game.

The rest of the video shows some of the character customization interface for the game’s characters, and how players can switch to a VR mode to see those changes in a full 3D environment. You apparently cannot make any changes in VR mode itself; you can only see the character in this 360 degree viewpoint. Again, this just feels like something that the Tekken 7 development team threw in at the last minute.

However, we are willing to give Bandai Namco the benefit of the doubt, as the game still has a month left to go before it’s released on June 2. It’s also possible this build is a much earlier one and that more recent versions have better VR features. Keep in mind that the VR additions to Tekken 7 are just for the PlayStation 4 console and PSVR headset; they will not be available for the Xbox One or PC versions of the game.


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