‘The Raid’ is a VR prequel to the new show ’24: Legacy’

For those who were fans of the original series ’24’, Fox has opted to bring the show back in a pretty spectacular fashion.

The new show, ’24: Legacy” is a sequel to the original series, bringing a modern take on the fan classic. The first episode premiered after the Super Bowl this year, and though it had a low viewer count compared to previous post-Super Bowl premiers, it’s likely that its return to regular scheduling will bring the viewer base back to the top. And for those that did catch the first episode and want to experience all that is ’24’, Fox has partnered with Samsung to bring a new 360 degree prequel to the masses.

Titled ‘The Raid’, the experience is produced by the same core group as ’24: Legacy’, and takes place 9 months before the new show begins. The exclusive video is made to help connect old fans with the new characters and story-line, and should do a great job of showing off the immersive power of VR. Since the experience takes place in a 360 degree format, viewers will have the opportunity to watch the video over and over again, hopefully catching something new every time.

If you want to check out the new feature, it can be viewed here. You do have to own a Samsung Gear VR headset to see it however, so don’t assume you can watch it just because you own a Rift or Vive.



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