The Simpsons joins the VR craze as part of its 600th episode


The Simpsons is already the longest running prime-time scripted TV show in history, and for its milestone 600th episode, the creators decided to bring the show’s dysfunctional family into the current virtual reality trend. The episode’s versions of its trademark opening “couch gag” can be watched in a full 360-degree video on an Android smartphone, either by itself or by using the Google Cardboard headset.

The nice thing about this feature is that you don’t have to watch the episode itself to get its VR couch gag. It’s now available as part of the updated Google Spotlight Stories app. You simply download the app from the Google Play Store (it’s also available for iOS) and then download The Simpsons video from inside the app.

The video itself is called “Planet of the Couches” and it’s a parody of the classic movie “Planet of the Apes”, except that the intelligent apes are replaced with sentient couches. Fans of the Apes movies will really enjoy all of the comedic homages in this video, including its final “surprise twist”. It also works simply as a very funny, and much longer, Simpsons episode opening.

While you can simply move the Android phone around to see the 360-degree video, you will get the most immersive experience when you view it with the phone and by wearing the Google Cardboard headset. What do you think of this latest entry in the mobile VR trend? Which TV show should be next to launch its own 360 degree video experience?

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