The Unspoken hands on @ Oculus Connect 3

We’ve seen quite a few titles here at Oculus Connect 3, but few were available as full-fledged multiplayer experiences. The Unspoken takes everything we love about VR, and puts players in a competitive environment with quality graphics and a highly polished experience.

The title is being developed by Insomniac Games, who have produced other popular series such as Spyro, Rachet and Clank, and more recently, Edge of Nowhere. In the game, players act as wizards in a digitized version of Brooklyn, fighting for survival as they dual one another with a variety of spells and items. There are two default spells players can use, including an enchanted fireball as well as a shield made of ice. The spells are conjured from your two hands, one which is burning, and the other which is icy and chilled.

The game uses Oculus’ new Touch controllers, which feel incredibly natural for a title like this. Specific hand motions are also very important for this game, as players can conjure large walls of protection, super fire balls, and other things using gestures. The team did a great job making you feel powerful in the process, as you really do need to make large sweeping motions with your hands to cast specific spells.

There are also a variety of special items players can collect from different platforms, including an anvil which they need to hammer in order to create a magical javelin, as well as explosive fireworks that they can strategically bound towards the enemy. The variety of weapons was surprisingly vast, and made the game feel like you could play it for quite a while without getting bored. Especially since the title is a multiplayer-only experience, your enemy should be different during almost every session.

The demo also gave the option of using two different wizarding classes, each with their own mix of spells and items. The team said they are planning on introducing more classes upon release, and are going to support the title in full in the future, building it up just like any other competitive video game. We could see this becoming a new genre of eSport in the future, especially since the game moves so quickly and requires quite a bit of skill to master. I tried playing against another player in the room, and got completely destroyed (given he probably played it quite a bit more than me), which leads me to believe that the game has quite a high skill cap. If the developers were able to implement mixed reality into the title like we’ve seen from some similar games, it could be quite a lot of fun to watch as well.

Though the team could not give a firm release date for the title, we assume it will launch alongside the Oculus Touch later this year. Stay tuned for more in the near future.


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