Tilt Brush by Google introduces Audio Reactive Brushes


Google issued a major update to its Tilt Brush app for the HTC Vive introducing what it’s calling audio reactive brushes.

The new feature enabled with this update allows you to listen to your favourite audio tracks and create your own VR music visualizer out of brush strokes. Just play audio on your computer from any source, switch on Audio Reactive Mode, and watch your sketches come to life with strokes that move and pulse to the beat.

You’ll now see an “Audio Reactor” feature below the brushes following the update and Tilt Brush will listen for the system audio and activate the new brushes when it detects audio. Brushes that react to audio are indicated with a circular icon and include new brushes like Dots, Chromatic Wave, Light Wire, Hyper Grid, Disco, and Neon Pulse.

Tilt Brush also lets you paint in 3D within a virtual reality environment with life-size brush strokes, stars, light and even fire. It’s a great demonstration of the artistic side of virtual reality and showcases the motion control that the HTC Vive has.

In addition to the new Audio Reactor feature, the Tilt Brush update also includes the following:

  • New video capture feature (through “Cameras” tool)
  • Streamlined panels down to three
  • New “Sketchbook” panel, located below Tools
  • New “Tips ‘N Tricks” tutorial section
  • Export supports textured FBX files
  • Various bug fixes, UX improvements, etc.

Tilt Brush is on Steam now and you can grab it and the new Audio Reactive Brushes here.

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