Tilt Brush makes its way to Oculus Rift

Tilt Brush was one of the original launch titles for the HTC Vive virtual reality headset, and it helped a lot of people to experience just how amazing VR can be. It was included with HTC’s hardware for quite a long time, and has been continuously updated over time to include new features such as music-reactive paint and multiplayer play. Now that Oculus has finally gotten their Touch controllers onto the market and to a level where they are stable enough to work well, Google has opted to port its software to the Rift headset.

Since the Oculus Touch controllers are quite different from the Vive remotes, the controls had to be completely redone to work with the new headset. This also includes new features like resting your fingers on the capacitive parts of the controllers to induce different options like bringing up your palette. Google has also made various improvements to seated workflows, giving the user more simplistic abilities to resize and rotate their work. In addition, the built in Rift headset will induce special sounds for each tool, which gives an auditory response helping the user to know what they are doing.

You can pick up Tilt Brush for $29.99 now in the Oculus Store.


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