Tilt Brush update adds support for new online gallery and more

Google has released a big update for its virtual reality painting experience called Tilt Brush, which now has a bunch of new features on board. The most interesting one is support for the new social website, where users can upload their art straight from Tilt Brush. Others can then view it in 3D, remix it as well as download it to their device.

The update also adds a ton of customizable features. Thanks to the new lighting panel, you can now set the color, intensity, and the position of a key, secondary, and fill light. There’s also a new environment panel available that allows you to play around with a scene’s sky and fog settings.

The last major feature the update brings to the table is a customizable workspace. Panels that were stuck to the menu hand now have the ability to float on their own. You also have the option of rearranging the panels as well as adding new ones.

Tilt Brush is quite popular among artists and has now become even better thanks to the update. If you’re feeling creative, you can already try out the new features and then upload your sketches to the new social website, which you can check out by clicking the button below.

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