Time partners with Next VR to bring it’s experiences to “Life”

Time’s Life magazine has always been known as being a leader in the space of photo journalism, snapping photos rivaling even those of National Geographic among others. Now, the company is looking into the future, aiming to bring immersive virtual reality experiences to readers of the magazine, and possibly a whole lot more.

Time says it’s Life VR will offer “Immersive, next level storytelling” from publications such as People, Sports Illustrated, Time Magazine, and more. The experience aims to transform photo journalism in a big way, bringing readers to the high reaches of snow-capped mountaintops as well as the encapsulation of enormous sports stadiums. The immersive nature of virtual reality adds a completely new layer to the publication’s already world-class story based journalism, and should help to create a brand new experience unlike any other.

Journalism seems like an untapped field in a world where the technology seems to be taking over every industry imaginabel. While short films have been released which enable viewers to peek inside the lives of individual characters, journalism is something completely different, taking a more serious and information-based approach. The publication could potentially use the technology to put viewers right in the middle of a political crisis, or even atop a boiling active volcano, helping viewers to truly understand what it is like to be there. Since journalism encapsulates so many topics, the experiences available are almost uncountable. Just as I wake up and check the news on Reddit every morning, so could a user snap on their headset to experience exactly what is happening in the world around them.

Next VR just announced their partnership with Live Nation to enable exclusive concert experiences, and is already expanding the technology to so much more. With the company pushing for more and more industries to be VR capable, there seems to be almost no end in the fields its users will be able to experience.

Will you be trying out Time’s Life VR experience?

via: Engadget

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