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Time’s Life magazine is one of the most influential and recognized journalistic publications of all time. Known around the world as having some of the most staggering photos and articles in the industry, the company is looking to take the publication into the next generation, and has just released its new Life VR application.

We first reported on this back in May, when the company announced it was partnering with Next VR to bring its ideas to fruition. It’s been a good 4 months since then, and the company has quite a lot to show for this relatively extensive lead time. The application is available on every single major virtual reality platform, including Google Cardboard, Gear VR, Oculus Rift, and HTC Vive, so you should be able to check out the app no matter what headset you have at home.

There are 3 virtual experiences present in the application at launch, and each have their own unique media type and feel. While users might think that is a bit minimal to begin with, the company has announced it will be releasing new content every month at the absolute least. This is pretty exciting, as it means that users will have a new media experience to look forward to each month.

The first experience available on the app is called Fast Ride, and gives viewers the opportunity to take a ride in a Mazda 787 race car. While there are a number of racing simulators out there, Life Magazine‘s incredible quality ensures that you will feel the wind wizzing by you as you curve around the race track. This should be as immersive as it is thrilling.

Second, viewers will have the ability to check out an experience called Defying the Nazis, which was adapted from a documentary by Ken Burns. The video takes viewers through the life of Waitstill and Martha Sharp, 2 people who were able to smuggle hundreds of oppressed people out of Germany during World War II. The content is very similar to the regular 2D documentary, but includes some breathtaking images for users to check out and dramatizes the duo’s trek across the Atlantic ocean. If you’re a documentary fanatic, this should be a must see.

The third and final experience currently available is called Lumen, and is more of a game than anything else. The title is based on meditation, and gives users the opportunity to control plant growth as well as things such as the color of the sky. This should be a fun little experience for sure, so be sure to check it out within the LifeVR app.

The company is developing all of these experiences with a custom Vive room they set up in their New York office, but wants to make it accessible for anyone, on any platform.

We’d like it to [all support Cardboard], just because it’s the most accessible to the general public right now. I think there will be experiences in the future where there’s a limited version available on Cardboard, and for the full experience you go to Vive, or you go to one of the other headsets.

says Managing editor Mia Tranz.

While many other publications such as The New York Times have begun publishing virtual reality content of their own, Life is confident that they will have a consistent amount of content that users will be able to enjoy for decades to come.

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