TPCAST wireless Vive adapters delayed 1 month for Chinese customers

Those in China who were hoping to get their hands on TPCAST’s wireless Vive adapter will have to wait a little longer.

In a press release submitted today by the company, it was disclosed that pre-orders of the wireless virtual reality adapter have been delayed by about a month. The company says the delays are due to the fact that they want to have a really fantastic experience available to users without issue, so they are spending quite a bit of extra time on quality control to make sure nothing is wrong at launch. While this delay is quite a shame for those looking to get their hands on some sweet wireless VR action as soon as possible, TP Link is hoping to make up for the wait by including some nice freebies in pre-order packages when they do ship.

Each person who ordered the adapter will automatically get upgraded to the XL 20,000mAh battery pack, which gives users about 5 hours of  use vs the 2 hours available to the regular model. In addition, users will also get a free TPCAST TransQ with their package, which can be used to mirror content from a cell phone to a TV, similar to how a Chromecast works.

That isn’t too bad of a deal, if you ask me. Would you be upset if you had to wait an extra month to get access to the product? Do the freebies help ease the pain?

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