‘Trinity’ is an interactive VR TV show by UNLTD

Most VR video content is a relatively passive experience, only requiring turning your head in various directions to check out whatever assets are available in the 360 degree space. Just recently, Sony announced the first interactive VR music video, allowing users to walk around and view different instruments in the space. Now, UNLTD is looking to up the ante with the release of 5 different interactive VR TV episodes.

The new show is called Trinity, and is based in a futuristic world where humans have all but perished and robots are the only things left. After being threatened by a super powerful singularity, t he robots must rise up to create a resistance and fight for survival.

UNLTD says they had to create their own special camera in order to film this experience, as it didn’t think there was technology available on the market that would create an experience immersive enough. We’ll have to see just how good these cameras can get, as it is possible the company will opt to sell these specialized units to other studios in the future.

While the release date for the show is still unknown, the company says it is aiming for launch sometime in Fall. They also said it will be available for every available VR headset, but we can’t exactly see how this is going to be interactve with something like Daydream VR where you don’t have six-axis movement.

Would an interactive VR TV show be something you would be interested in? 5 fifteen minute episodes accounts for over an hour of content, so there should be plenty to watch and interact with on launch.

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