Turtle Beach Stealth 350VR headphones made specifically for VR


VR is all the hype this year at E3 2016 and popular gaming headphones manufacturers just couldn’t stay behind. There are plenty of good audio accessories and microphones out there, but not many can claim to be made specifically for VR. This is why our eyes are set on the Turtle Beach Stealth 350VR headphones.

The Turtle Beach team claims to have made this with VR in mind, mostly due to its ergonomic design. This headset provides space for all VR headbands and cabling, likely making it one of the most comfortable audio products for VR users.

Cable management is made easy by making cords detachable and adding on-board controls. And because amplification runs on battery (over 30 hours of battery life), that’s one less cable to worry about. Not to mention the fact that the microphone can be removed to make for a more seamless fit. After all, you won’t always be chatting with your buddies when playing virtual reality games… right?

But design is only part of the equation; sound is paramount, and Turtle Beach claims to achieve great quality with this headset. The 50 mm Neodymium speakers are said to feature great highs and lows.

Interested? This headset is set to launch this Fall with a $79.95 price point. In the meantime, stay tuned to VR Source as we continue to bring you great coverage from E3 2016.

Source: Turtle Beach


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