Twitter acquires Magic Pony Technology, could help integrate VR and AR tech


It’s only been a few months since Oculus and HTC set the world into a full on VR frenzy, but loads of companies are already trying to get in on the tech. While the most widely known use case for VR seems to be video games, the media industry has already proven that it’s holding a stake in the industry and have developed a huge number of new technologies and media to take advantage of the platform.

Facebook launched 360 video support in September of last year, testing the popularity of VR experiences on social media. Since then the videos have been widely successful, and with Twitter’s recent acquisition of Magic Pony Technology, virtual reality could find itself on Twitter as well.

While the newly acquired company is most widely known for its machine learning technologies, Tech Crunch has speculated that they may be helping Twitter to integrate VR and AR into their platform. While Magic Pony has traditionally used their tech to create neural networks for image enhancement, it has been noted that they were already working on new and innovative VR and AR technologies before the acquisition.

As noted by Suranga Chandratillake, a key investor from Balderton:

Magic Pony was already working on a pretty substantial VR and AR strategy before they were acquired and have some very interesting tech in that area. Twitter has gone after video in a big way and buying Magic Pony demonstrates how important video is for them. That’s the key thing.

The comment leads to speculate that the company is looking to help Twitter develop a VR video platform. And it does make sense. There is a decent probability that Twitter is looking to steal some of Facebook’s fire in the social media space, possibly by enhancing the quality of 360 video, or even developing something entirely different.

If Twitter can play their cards right, they could be on the forefront of something great. With over 310 million monthly active users using the service, the power they have in promoting new technology and moving the industry forward is pretty substantial.

What do you think the company is looking to do with Magic Pony? Is it vr, ar, or something much more boring? Let us know.


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