Twitter fires its VR Program Manager 24 hours after he started work


Twitter’s efforts to expand into virtual reality have apparently hit a roadblock, and a most unexpected on at that. Greg Gopman, the former CEO of AngelHack, has been fired as the company’s new VR Program Manager just 24 hours after he started work.

Gopman reportedly confirmed his firing on his personal (but not public) Facebook page, according to Engadget. Twitter’s fast decision came after Gopman’s appointment was revealed earlier this week, but was followed up by other media outlets pointing out that he made a since-deleted rant against homeless people in 2013. Again on Facebook.

You do have to wonder why Twitter hired Gopman in the first place, since a quick background check would have unearthed earlier reports about his rant. In any case, it remains to be seen how his fast departure will affect Twitter’s future VR efforts. It first launched support for 360 videos for posts in 2015, and earlier this year it acquired Magic Pony Technology, which was reportedly working on new VR and AR technology. Some people believe it is trying to complete with its main rival Facebook, which already has its Oculus Rift headset available for PCs, and helped to develop Samsung’s Gear VR headset and software.


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