Ubisoft will reveal two new Virtual Reality games at E3 2016

With E3 2016 around the corner and Sony expecting to show off some great new content for its Playstation VR, Ubisoft have also got some interesting new virtual reality games that it will be bringing to the show.

Not only will the company be bringingĀ Eagle Flight and Werewolves Within to E3, but also two previously undisclosed virtual reality titles will be making their way to the floor. Ubisoft will bring these two immersive features to E3 as fully playable demos instead of simply trailers, indicating that a release date might not be far off.

Ubisoft have decided to keep quiet when it comes to details of these titles in an attempt to build excitement and suspense, but it could be related to Google’s new Daydream VR platform. Ubisoft were listed as one of the launch partners with the new platform by Google so it could mean that these titles are ports of existing games from the company that carry Daydream VR compatibility, or brand new titles. I suspect it will be the earlier of the two options given Ubisoft’s decision to bring fully playable demos. It would be a lot quicker as far as a development cycle goes to optimise an existing game for VR than build an entirely new game from scratch.

We’ll know more as E3 2016 begins next week, and we’ll be on the floor providing first-hand coverage of all the announcements.

Source: UploadVR


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