Unity wants to expand to help create productivity-based VR experiences

Unity is a game engine which helps developers create unique experiences across a variety of platforms. Since the inception of virtual reality, the engine has become a popular standard for those that are looking to make great games on limited resources, and remains a popular option among high-end developers as well. Now, the company is hoping to move its technology beyond gaming and into more productivity-based applications in the virtual space.

The company says that people in automotive and manufacturing industries have been clamoring for a much more interactive way to work, and virtual reality seems like a great option. We’ve already seen companies like BMW use VR to allow their engineers to build and modify vehicles in a virtual space, and it seems like it may be time for the rest of the industry adapt to this way of work.

Last year, Unity launched the all-in-one VR editor which allows for scene-editing while standing in the scene in virtual reality, and it is likely that they will work off of this development to create new applications for existing industries.

Could you see any particular industry being transformed by virtual reality? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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