US continued to lead VR headset market in Q1 2017, with PlayStation VR on top

The virtual reality headset market is still in its infancy, but at the moment the biggest market for selling those products on the planet remains the US. A new report claims that it was the leading country for VR headset sales in the first quarter of 2017, and that shipments of Sony’s PlayStation VR headset dominated all others during that time.

The report, from the research firm Canalys, claims that 40 percent of all VR headset sales worldwide were made in the US during the quarter. Sales of the PSVR headsets in the US took up over 60 percent of total sales in that market. Japan was the second biggest market for VR headsets in the quarter, but was far behind the US with 14 percent. Again, PSVR headsets were the most popular in Japan, as it took over 90 percent of sales in that country. That’s not a huge surprise, due to Sony’s current dominance in the home console gaming market in that country.

China, which was the number two VR market in Q4 2016, slipped to the number three spot in Q1 2017 with 11 percent, according to Canalys. In that country, the HTC Vive is the leading VR headset sales champ, claiming about 25 percent of the market. The firm claims that Chinese consumers, with their “unwillingness to pay for content, including VR”, limited the market’s growth in that country during the quarter.

Again, VR headset sales are still in its early stages. It may take a few years for prices to come down before we see a larger sales spike in other markets. It will also be helped by the fact that more VR apps and games should also be released in the future.


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