Valiant coming to Steam Early Access

Offpeak Games launched a Steam Greenlight Campaign back in 2014 for its combat title Valiant, which went on to complete the campaign receiving the Greenlight in January 2015. Valiant has now appeared under a Steam Early Access listing, with the title being supported on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Valiant is a game set in medieval times where players ride around on horses to combat other players in the first-person perspective using a series of lances, bows, and swords. Encounters are a team-based affair, as opposed to one-on-one combats, with five versus five matches compliemented by positional VoIP chat to discuss tactics or heckle opponents.

The developers intend for the title to be in Early Access for around 3-6 months before launching to the wider public:

“We’re launching as an Early Access title because we really want your input and guidance, in particular on new maps, game modes, classes and updated progression mechanics (beyond the public leaderboards, stats, and player ranks we already have ingame).”

Valiant sounds like an exciting title and one that is suited perfectly to utilize the capabilities of virtual reality, but be sure to make sure there’s ample space in your surroundings before you start waving your sword about trying to slay your enemy’s as this has smashed lights and broken furniture written all over it!


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