Veeso VR headset can translate your expressions into digital space


As great as our current selection of virtual reality headsets are, there are a lot of things they still can’t do. The solutions we have today allow users to interact with virtual worlds, with some titles like Pool Nation VR even giving players the ability to hang out with one another in virtual pool halls. The issue with social titles like these however, is their inability to showcase the facial expressions of their users playing the game. Enter Veeso.

Veeso is looking to change the way we interact with others in virtual space by adding the ability to track faces of the users wearing their headset. The solution houses an android phone just like Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR, but uses special sensors to track the emotions of the wearer. Using infrared cameras between the eyes and at the bottom of the unit, the headset can track minute movements that make up common expressions people use every day.

While the tech isn’t particularly useful for users looking to play games on their own, things like Facebook’s social video application shows how incredible social VR can be. While Facebook’s experiment doesn’t include changes in facial expression, the tech could take their program to the next level, making an animated representation of a user all the more real.

Veeso is currently on Kickstarter seeking $80,000 in funding. If you want a consumer version, you can pick one up for $70, while $80 will nap you a developer kit. The company is stating it will start shipping in December if their funding goal is reached, and currently has 24 days to go at the time of writing.

If you’re interested in picking up a unit, you can back the project here.Is this something you would be interested in? Social VR is one heck of a technology. Seeing it take off on mobile would be awesome, so we’re hoping the project goes through.

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