Google Daydream View gets shown off in new Verizon commercial


While Google’s Daydream View smartphone-based VR headsets are not officially on sale yet, that is not stopping Verizon Wireless from promoting it in a new commercial for its Pixel smartphones.

Obviously, the ad focuses mostly on the Pixel phone, as passengers on a train are shown how it works by a fellow traveler. He also conveniently happens to have a Daydream View headset as well, and one of his friends gets to try it out for herself.

The appearance of the headset in the commercial is brief, but it does show that Verizon wants people to know that the new Pixel and Pixel XL phones can be used for more that just chatting or surfing the web. Why people are using a VR headset when they are on a train and can look at some great scenery out their window is an exercise we will leave to the reader.

In any case, both Google and Verizon are currently taking pre-orders for the Daydream VR headset. It costs $79 and at the moment only works with the Pixel and Pixel XL phones (more support is coming soon). It is scheduled to begin shipping sometime on November 10 from the Google Store, and November 16 from Verizon. Only the gray slate color is currently available from both sources; white and red colored versions should be available sometime in the future.

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