Vimeo launches ‘Vimeo 360’ for immersive video support

Vimeo is the video content site mainly tailored to creatives and professionals. It’s like if you took YouTube and set a filter to only see the channels for artistic content creators. The platform has been thriving almost since its inception, and is now looking into the future with the introduction of Vimeo 360.

The announcement isn’t just letting the world know the platform supports 360 degree video, however. Vimeo 360 is a whole new section of the site, giving users access to 360 video lessons, and setting aside a section of the website dedicated solely to immersive video. The company says they have been experimenting with a number of new 360 video techniques, and are sharing these insights with its users.

The new platform allows uploads of up to 8k resolution, and can be streamed in high quality without the need to download. It can integrate with apps like Premire Pro and Sony Vegas to upload directly to the platform, and also gives video customization settings like field of view, outros, and more.

Would you be interested in using the platform to share your own 30 degree content? If anything it opens up a whole new area for users to find new videos to view with their headsets, so get watching!


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