Viral Platformer Getting Over It Is Getting an Unofficial VR Remake

Getting Over It
Source: Bezbro Games

Unless you stayed off the internet during most of 2017, you’ve probably seen at least one famous YouTuber get incredibly frustrated while playing Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, a platform video game where one mistake can mean losing multiple hours of progress.

Now, the founder of Bezbro Games, Spencer Bernier, has announced on Reddit that he’s working on an unofficial VR remake of the game.

According to Bernier (u/Bezbro on Reddit), his small indie game development company is currently adapting the original map, which wasn’t designed for 3D movement, from the bottom up for virtual reality. Once the map is done, Bezbro Games may put it on SideQuest.

“It isn’t currently available for download. However, we are planning to make a version that has a map actually designed to work with VR, unlike the og map that’s only designed for 2D (there are many broken areas not shown in the above video),” explains Bernier.

The short video published on Reddit shows the game’s protagonist, a man by the name of Diogenes, wielding a rock climbing hammer and using it to climb what looks like the skeleton of a destroyed building. It seems that basic gameplay mechanics are in place, and the first-person perspective works surprisingly well.

Bezbro Games is best known for SCP: Labrat, a VR recreation of SCP – Containment Breach by Undertow Games, a 2012 horror game based on the fictional stories of the SCP Foundation. SCP: Labrat is currently in early access and nearing its full release.

The game is rated Very Positive on Steam, where you can download it free of charge. You can support Bezbro Games on Patreon, where the studio shares its plans and posts progress updates.  

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