Virtual Athletics League (VAL) Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

Source: VAL

VAL’s 2022 VR Winter Games event has just ended, but the independent VR esports league already has another major announcement to make because its new equity crowdfunding campaign has just launched on StartEngine, the leading equity crowdfunding platforms in the U.S.

The crowdfunding campaign provides independent investors from all walks of life with a unique opportunity to bet on virtual reality as the future of entertainment.

“For too long, traditional investors doubted the potential of VR to become a mainstream entertainment product,” says VAL founder and CEO Ryan Burningham. “Despite this fact, VR has grown and flourished due to the passion and support of true VR believers. Equity crowdfunding presents an opportunity for these believers to gain an ownership stake in the industry they’ve supported since day one.”

Since 2018, when VAL hosted the world’s first official Beat Saber tournament across 24 countries, the company has generated over $969,000 in revenue by creating a robust ecosystem for VR players and game developers alike, providing marketing and tournament services and running a VR game key store.

The crowdfunding campaign should help VAL move into publishing by funding its newly established content creator team, called VAL Uprising.

“VR creators are revolutionizing daily entertainment by pushing the limits of new technology each year. Assembling this new creator team only gives them more time and energy to focus on their craft,” says Ryan Burningham.

LSToast, Tech Man Ju, Sam Tabor, SheasryVR, Otterworldy, and TigressX are just some high-profile influencers that are part of VAL Uprising, and their cumulative follower count exceeds 15 million.

To properly celebrate both the crowdfunding campaign and the launch of the content creator team, VAL is holding its largest game sale event so far on its key retailing platform, One Arena, and donating 10% of all games sold to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

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