Virtual Reality Company BigBox VR to Join Oculus Studios

BigBox VR joins Oculus Studios
Source: Oculus Studios

BigBox VR, the video game company behind successful battle royale VR game Population: ONE, has just been acquired by Facebook for an undisclosed amount of money.

The acquisition should not affect how BigBox VR operates, nor prevent the company from working on Population: ONE and being active on various social media platforms where the game’s fans gather. In fact, the success of Population: ONE on the Oculus Store was the main reason why Facebook decided to go ahead with the acquisition.

“BigBox VR may be small, but they are a mighty, nimble team of game industry vets who seamlessly nail the game development duality of craft and data-driven live service,” said Mike Verdu, VP of Content, Facebook Reality Labs, in the official press release.

Together, Oculus Studios and BigBox VR will work on advancing Population: ONE as a highly successful social gaming experience, but they will also pursue future projects.

“We are exploring many ways to accelerate VR, including investments in third-party content, AAA IP, hardware, and more, and we have many innovative plans for the next few years. We are thrilled to have BigBox VR joining our team,” added Mike Verdu.

Other video game companies that were acquired by Facebook and integrated with Oculus Studios include Beat Games (rhythm game Beat Saber), Sanzaru Games (action role-playing game Asgard’s Wrath), Downpour Interactive (military simulator Onward), and Ready at Dawn (adventure game Lone Echo).

Just like BigBox VR, all of these video game companies were acquired for an undisclosed amount of money. It’s clear that Facebook believes in virtual reality as the future of entertainment, and the social media giant wants to play an even more important role in this blossoming ecosystem.

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