Vive + HoloLens combo lets friends experience VR together

Experiencing virtual reality on your own is fantastic, but the experience is only made better when you can explore these virtual worlds with friends and family. Right now, the only way to do this is to watch these experiences take place on a monitor or TV, but one developer thinks there’s a better way.

Drew Gottlieb has developed a new method to use both Vive and HoloLens to manipulate virtual space and view it  in the real world at the same time. In the demo shown above, one user can use an HTC Vive while the other wears a HoloLens to view this virtual manipulation in real time.

In the showcase shown by Gottlieb, virtual blocks are created and manipulated by a user with a Vive, while an onlooker views the experience with a HoloLens. Though this was an incredibly simple use of the technology, it could potentially be developed even further to allow for co-op virtual experiences. Engineers and employees could work with the tech to help develop new models at the same time, while other industries could benefit from it in their own way.

Are there any specific industries you could see being revolutionized by the technology? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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