Vive is working to join the ‘Open XR Working Group’


VR is playing a huge role at GDC in 2017. Almost all major developers on the platform have made their way to San Francisco to give the world a taste of what they’ve got, and it’s showing in a big way. In an effort to unite the hardware and software creators who make the technology possible, the Khronos group has developed a special committee created for the open and fair practices of AR and VR companies, which at the moment includes Oculus, Google, Valve, Unity, and more.

Curiously missing from that list however, is HTC’s subsidiary company Vive, which actually produces the HTC Vive virtual reality headset. While it is curious that the company was not included on the list at the eve of the group’s launch, the team at Vive are working to make sure they make the cut.

We share the same vision as Khronos with keeping VR an open platform, and are currently working with Khronos to formally join their initiative and membership.

Said a Vive spokesperson.

Oculus and Vive have traditionally been seen as rivals, offering content on one platform that was not available on the other. Now that virtual reality is finally beginning to mature however, it is important that the industry leaders can work together to create a future where VR can truly flourish.

What do you think of the announcement? Do you find it odd that Vive was not included on the list?


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