HTC launches “Vive Studios” to highlight the open VR standard

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There has been quite a bit of drama in the past few months surrounding companies such as Oculus due to their funding of “hardware exclusive” titles. There is a lot of positive and negative reasoning to be made regarding these practices, but HTC seems to think that keeping VR an open platform is the way to go. Because of this, they have announced Vive Studios, a game studio that highlights the benefits of the Vive platform, but allows the games to be played on other devices if they happen to work there as well.

The first game to be released by the studio is a title called Arcade Saga, which used the Vive as a reference platform during development. The director of the title says that he is trying to keep the title “hardware agnostic”, allowing it to run on any platform out there, but that he wants to utilize the strengths of the Vive, especially since he used it for development.

We’re building specifically for this hardware and if it happens to work on [other headsets] that’s okay.

says Creative Director J. Epps in a recent interview.

The game is launching on Steam today for $29.99, and is optimized for both home and arcade use. Though “arcade” is physically in the name, HTC says they are looking into producing other titles that work well for these situations, creating a possible revenue stream for the VR arcade market. This kind of arcade actually makes sense, since it is still pretty expensive for consumers to get their hands on VR headsets.

The company will continue to aid in the development of these open titles, but wants to try to ensure that the games are available to play on a variety of platforms, ignoring the hardware exclusivity that has been causing so much drama in the last couple of months.

It should be exciting to see what the company can produce, as their headset is arguably one of the most equipped in the industry.

Are there any titles that you would like to see ported to support all platforms? You can use software to play Rift games on Vive right now, but it would be nice to be able to do it natively.


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