Someone used HTC’s Vive Tracker to create a VR stylus

A few weeks ago, HTC began taking orders for the Vive Tracker, an accessory made for the HTC Vive VR headset. Now we are beginning to see developers start to use the Vive Tracker to make some interesting VR products.  One of them has used the accessory to create a VR stylus.

The developer, Jimmy Gray, posted an example of his efforts on YouTube. As you can see in the video above, Gray placed the hockey puck-shaped Vive Tracker on a real stylus, and begins to draw on a surface while also wearing the Vive headset. The left side of the video shows what he sees; the virtual version of the stylus at work and running with a version of Photoshop. It even supports pressure sensitivity.

Gray also talks about this project on his Twitter page, stating that the stylus connects to a USB development board called Teensy, but that it could possibly be made to support wireless connections in the future. However, he is keeping most of the details about this prototype device to himself for now.

This is the kind of unique project that HTC was hoping might be created by developers, who would take advantage of the Vive Tracker to extend the use of the Vive headset. The Vive Tracker is currently on sale at the company’s site for $99 (plus $26 for shipping). The company has also promised to release a version specifically for consumers later this year.


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