Viveport expands to 30 more countries


Earlier this year, we wrote about how HTC was planning to release Viveport, a standalone application hub for programs that use the HTC Vive for experiences other than gaming. The application originally launched in China to help move users towards the Vive platform for content creation. Since Steam is much less popular in that region, it seemed like a great time to test the waters with the hub, and after a few months of testing, the company has opted to bring it to 30 more countries.

The company is celebrating the launch by discounting many of its more popular titles down to a dollar for 48 hours. This is great for people that had been considering purchasing these experiences before, but didn’t want to invest $25 or more into a experience they weren’t sure they would like.

Sale games include Mars OdysseyThe Blu, and many others. If you were thinking about checking out these titles in the future, it might be worth it to purchase them now. Even if you don’t have a Vive, it might be worth it to buy a few games for $1 and use them later.

Are you interested in picking up any of these titles? I’ll probably be buying a few myself, just to make sure I have some games for the future.


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