‘Vivid Vision’ uses VR to treat lazy eyes

Virtual reality has a heck of a lot of uses. From immersive and interactive gaming to full room feature film experiences, there seems to be no limit to what the technology can achieve. There has already been a certain level of development utilizing VR in the medical space, such as using the tech to train up and coming surgeons with 360 degree cameras. Now, developer James Blaha has found a new use for the tech: using it to treat lazy eye syndrome.

James first built the treatment technology back in 2014, but has since proved it’s effectiveness, testing it on loads of patients and eventually getting the tech used in optometrist clinics across the United States. Though the treatment is only currently available at physical optometrist offices, James envisions a day where his Vivid Vision software will be ready to use at home on your own. The treatment has essentially cured James of his syndrome over the last 2 years, allowing him to finally see in the full 3D field of view that so many of us take for granted. If that doesn’t prove the software’s effectiveness, I don’t know what does.

If the adoption of James’ treatment takes off, it could help usher in a new era of home based medical treatment. Though the software is specifically aimed at treating those with lazy eye syndrome, it would certainly not be out of the question to see similar programs emerge aimed at physical therapy, personal exercise, and other things. The ability to perform treatment in the comfort of your own home is actually pretty incredible, as many patients often have to fly out to specialized treatment centers in order to get help. Even if there is not a specific program developed for a disability, it would be possible to video chat with a trainer across the world while wearing a headset, which could emulate almost the exact same situation as physically being at the location.

It’s crazy to see the future showing up on our doorstep being ushered in by virtual reality technology. The tech is sure to revolutionize the way we do things in the modern world.

What’s the next industry you want to see changed by VR?


via: Road to VR

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